Fine-living in the
heart of Brunswick

Catergory —
Retail Property development

We helped create —
Identity, Print, Digital,
Art Direction, Photography

We devised a name paying homage to this old fashion production precinct highlighting the attention to luxurious finishes

appointed to each living space. Large format lifestyle photography and renders further emphasised the grandeur of each dwelling and shared amenities. The project was positioned as a 'New Level of Luxury', with echoes of a bygone past and a strong nod to the architects vision of forward thinking ways of living, and intelligent design.

We set about creating a brand mark for the Finery name, with intricate bespoke typography as well as a secondary "stitched" monogram coming together to accentuate the brands bold and confident personality.

For the campaign imagery we used the suburb as a backdrop; capturing the local amenities through off-kilter angle and scale, using a contrast of high fashion and everyday lifestyle scenes.

The brand created for Finery Living is much more than a marketing campaign - it's an example of significant place making.

Be one of the locals who make up the fabric of FINERY.