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Melbourne's coffee scene has left no cafe or inner city space unturned. It has changed how we drink, and what we drink our coffee with. It has produced some truely incredible products, brought people together and generally taught us how we should be drinking and enjoying our coffee like never before.

Because of this popularity and maturity of Melbourne's coffee scene, many consumers experience cafe fatigue and, as the breakfast to brunch routine becomes the rule rather than the exception, are Melbournians becoming numb to the whole experience? This raises the question, what's next?

Set in the tight-knit community of Carlton's student precinct, Stovetop is a multi-use, mixed business with a vision to create a local milieu amongst international travellers and inner city coffee lovers alike. Conceived with the idea to create a neighbourhood cafe precinct, Stovetop's select team of like-minded people are committed to creating a cosy café by day and an intimate neighbourhood restaurant by night. Pushing the contemporary principles of cafe design spaces, we also looked outside the category and looked on how the Stovetop brand could enhance the experience of its customers and play a more active role in shaping a real neighbourhood community.

We saw how artist's concession areas in Asia and in Europe regenerate communities and local trade so we wanted to model the concept of creating " A space just for you". After all, coffee is not as much about taste as it is about the social experience.