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TimeOut Educare opened their first centre back in 1996. Their approachable, carer-to-child approach instantly resonated with parents and formed long lasting relationship's between families, through curriculum events and child activities.

Fast-forward to 2018, and with further expansion on the cards, TimeOut needed to consider some important questions: How does a local neighbourhood childcare expand without loosing any of its vital hands on approach and development care? It first needed to get clear about its position in a completely competitive market, define its strategic vision for the future and establish a communicate it's brand story.

We met with the families to understand the childrens experience and look at how the brand was perceived within the industry. This meant looking at the centre itself as well as the childrens curriculum and see how much the brand resonated with our childrens developmental journey. Our brand had to be education-focused and encourage discovery which studies show, makes learning fun.

We created an identity that is aligned with their "second family" philosophy and communicates a real sense of commitment and dedication to their childrens wellbeing. The typography applies elements of skeuomorphism that encourage discovery, but are visually communicative and memorable.